Welcome to my portfolio on the web. I am currently a software development and web design & development professional living in Fairfield, OH (between Cincinnati and Dayton) who would like to find a quality, well respected entity in which to use my skills for mutual benefit.

I am a developer, web site designer / developer, and webmaster who has written computer programs for the past 32+ years, creating client-server applications for 14 years, and developing web sites and internet applications for the past 15 years. I have experience writing and supporting programs in C#, Java, and Visual Basic, utilizing database back ends such as SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. I have developed, designed, and supported web sites using PHP, Python/Django, Java, Swift, ASP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, Perl, VBScript, and other relevant technologies. Many of these web sites have connections to database servers, such as MySQL and SQL Server. I have administered IIS, Apache, and NGINX web servers, as well as database servers. I have also administered NT4.0, MicroVAX, UniFLEX, and Linux systems. I have experience in higher education, government and business environments. I have developed systems for customer relationship management (CRM), call centers, healthcare, higher education, and government taxation.

I have a desire to work in any position where my web, software design, and development skills can be utilized. In the past, I have been employed by a number of public and private institutions, and have been able to build my skills in software and web design. I also wish to be able to train and mentor others and assist them in building their skills.

In these pages, you can find more about me, my family, my hopes, dreams and aspirations. You can also find information about my skills and abilities. If you have a position in web design and development, software development, graphical design, or mentoring I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these issues with you.

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